Level 5 Childcare Course: The Guide to Becoming an Early Years Lead Practitioner

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Are you passionate about making a significant impact in the early years education sector? Eden Training Solutions offers a Level 5 Childcare Course designed to elevate your career to new heights as an Early Years Lead Practitioner. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this advanced qualification and how it can shape your professional journey.

Why Choose Eden Training Solutions?

At Eden Training Solutions, we are committed to delivering top-notch training that empowers individuals to reach their potential. Recognized as an Ofsted Grade 2 provider and named in the Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Companies, Eden is your trusted partner in early years training. Our courses are tailored to meet the needs of both employers and learners, ensuring exceptional outcomes and high qualification achievement rates​​​​.

Course Overview

The Early Years Lead Practitioner Level 5 course at Eden is designed for experienced practitioners who are ready to take on leadership roles. This qualification focuses on developing your skills in leading practice, managing teams, and implementing high-quality early years education standards.

Key Features of the Course:

  • Duration: 18 months
  • Employer Contribution: £400 (with government funding)
  • Assessment Methods: Observation, professional discussion, and portfolio evidence

Our curriculum includes engaging teaching and assessment activities, ensuring that you are well-prepared for your role as a lead practitioner​​.

Benefits of the Level 5 Qualification

Enhanced Skills and Knowledge

The Level 5 course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of early years education, covering essential topics such as:

  • Leadership and management in early years settings
  • Advanced child development theories
  • Safeguarding and child protection
  • Inclusive practices and working with children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

Career Advancement

Upon completion, you will be qualified to take on senior roles such as Early Years Lead Practitioner, Nursery Manager, or Childcare Centre Director. This qualification opens doors to a variety of career paths in the early years sector​​.

Flexible Learning

Eden offers a blend of online and in-person learning opportunities, allowing you to balance your studies with your professional responsibilities. Our experienced Skills Coaches will support you throughout your learning journey, providing guidance and feedback to ensure your success​​.

More About Level 5 Courses

Eden Training Solutions provides a variety of Level 5 courses that cater to different aspects of early years education and leadership.

Level 5 Diploma in Childcare

The Level 5 Diploma in Childcare is designed to build on your existing experience and knowledge, enhancing your skills in managing childcare settings and leading a team of practitioners. This course is ideal if you want to take on more responsibilities and influence the quality of learning and development in your setting.

Early Years Educator to Lead Practitioner

For those currently working as Early Years Educators, the transition to a Level 5 Early Years Lead Practitioner involves developing advanced skills in practical leadership and day-to-day practice at an operational level. This diploma in leadership covers key areas such as risk management, child psychology, and best practice in early education.

Apprenticeship and Functional Skills

Eden’s apprenticeship programs ensure that you gain hands-on experience while studying. The Level 5 apprenticeship includes functional skills in English and maths, ensuring you have the essential tools needed for effective role performance in childcare settings.

Professional Development and CPD Accredited Certificates

Our courses are CPD accredited, providing you with certificates upon successful completion. These certifications support your professional development, ensuring you stay current with the latest practices and policies in early years education.

Course Outline and Learning Platform

The course outline includes comprehensive modules on health and safety, language and communication, and supporting children. The learning platform at Eden is user-friendly, allowing you to study in a way that suits your schedule and learning style.

Entry Requirements and Enrolment

Learners must have a Level 3 Childcare qualification and Level 2 English. The enrolment process is straightforward, and our team is available to assist you every step of the way.


What is a level 5 qualification in childcare?

A Level 5 qualification in childcare is an advanced diploma designed for individuals looking to take on leadership roles in early years settings. It focuses on developing managerial skills, advanced child development knowledge, and the ability to lead and support a team of practitioners​​.

How long does it take to complete level 5 in childcare?

The Level 5 Childcare Course typically takes 18 months to complete. This includes a combination of coursework, practical assessments, and guided learning hours to ensure comprehensive training​​.

What jobs can I do with a level 5 childcare?

With a Level 5 qualification, you can pursue various senior roles in the early years sector, such as:

  • Early Years Lead Practitioner
  • Nursery Manager
  • Childcare Centre Director
  • SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)​​

Is a Level 5 qualification equivalent to a degree?

While a Level 5 qualification is not equivalent to a full degree, it is a highly respected qualification that sits just below degree level. It is recognized for its depth of knowledge and practical skills, making it a valuable credential for advancing in the early years education field​​.

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