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Welcome to Eden Training Solutions, an award-winning training provider of early years childcare courses. At Eden Training Solutions, we are dedicated to helping you reach your potential in the childcare sectors with our wide range of practical and comprehensive childcare training courses.

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Apprenticeships and CPD Training for Early Years and Childminders

We offer a wide range of courses designed to provide you with the practical skills and practical experience needed to excel in various childcare settings, from nurseries and pre-schools to classroom assistant roles and social care positions. Our courses cater to aspiring social workers, teaching assistants, and anyone looking for a rewarding career in childcare.

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Childcare Courses: Apprenticeships

Our childcare apprenticeships are designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience for those seeking a career in childcare. We offer a variety of apprenticeships tailored to childcare professionals, including:


Early Years Practitioner Level 2


Early Years Educator Level 3



Why Choose Eden?

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We pride ourselves on providing high-quality study materials and a supportive learning environment for our students. Our courses are led by education professionals with a wealth of experience in the field, ensuring that you receive the best possible learning experience.

Whether you are looking to gain new skills, advance your career prospects, or enter the childcare market for the first time, our range of childcare courses is designed to help you achieve your goals. We work closely with nursery education teaching professionals to create a supportive and nurturing environment for students, allowing them to thrive and progress with their studies.


Our courses not only provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the childcare industry but also open up numerous employment opportunities. We are committed to helping our students find their dream job in Health & Childcare and offer guidance on the various avenues into employment.

In addition to professional development, our courses also focus on personal development, ensuring that you are well-prepared to handle the challenges of working in childcare settings. We cover various aspects of development, such as mental health, physical development, and simple teaching aids, to ensure you are well-rounded and ready for your rewarding career in childcare.

Short Courses
for Childcare Providers

In addition to our apprenticeships, we offer a range of childcare training courses specifically developed for childcare providers. These courses are designed to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the childcare industry. Our courses include:

Childcare Courses & Early Years Apprenticeships

See our range of childcare courses below and be sure to get in touch if you have any questions.

Early Years

Level 2

Early Years

Level 3


Level 3

Early Years
Lead Practitioner

Level 5

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We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our range of childcare training opportunities. With our training providers and educational material, we are confident that you will find the perfect course to help you achieve your goals in the childcare industry.

Whether you are interested in working in childcare centres, becoming a childcare practitioner, or providing childcare services in various childcare settings, our courses are designed to help you succeed. Get started today and take the first step toward your childcare career with Eden Training Solutions.



What types of childcare courses do you offer, and how can they help me advance my career?

We offer a variety of childcare courses, including apprenticeships and training courses for early years and childminders. Our courses cover a range of careers in the childcare and education industries, such as Early Years Practitioner, Early Years Educator, and Teaching Assistant. Our courses provide hands-on experience and intellectual development to help you excel in your chosen career in the childcare or education sectors.

Daily tasks in childcare roles can vary depending on the specific position. Some common responsibilities include assisting teachers with preparation, engaging with students in the classroom, and ensuring a secure atmosphere for children. Other tasks may involve helping children at mealtimes, assisting children with washing, and using conventional teaching methods to support their learning and development.

Our childcare courses are designed to accommodate people in employment by offering flexible study options, such as part-time study and distance learning courses. We understand that many students have other commitments, so our courses allow you to balance your work and study effectively.

We provide a range of support services to our students, including one-to-one counselling, access to experts in childcare, and resources for building their basic skills. Our courses are led by experienced professionals in the Health & Social Care and education sectors who are committed to ensuring students receive the support they need to succeed.

Our childcare courses include curriculum requirements that emphasize the importance of communication and collaboration between care providers and parents. Through our study programme, students will gain experience in nurseries and other care settings, learning how to maintain contact between parents and effectively support the children’s learning and development. This hands-on experience prepares students for a successful career in care and education.

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