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Eden Training Solutions’ Level 5 Learning & Skills Teacher Course, where vocational expertise meets professional teaching to inspire learners and nurture their full potential.

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learning and skills teacher course level 5


Learning & Skills Teacher – About the course and who is it for?

Teaching is one of the most important roles in shaping Young People (14+) and adults futures.

The purpose of the Learning & Skills Teacher is to work closely with other teaching professionals, teaching a broad range of subjects ranging from essential skills to Level 3 including, academic, vocational and technical education.

The Learning & Skills Teacher ensures that students acquire the best possible knowledge, skills and behaviours through highly effective planning and delivering teaching that is current, comprehensive and challenging, and inspires students
to engage, progress and achieve their full potential. In their daily work, the Learning & Skills Teacher interacts with other Teachers and FES professionals and students of different ages, abilities, backgrounds and ambitions.


Ideal Candidates

This apprenticeship is particularly suitable for newly qualified Teaching Assistants looking to advance their careers and transition into more senior teaching roles as well as educators who are passionate about implementing effective teaching practices and are committed to fostering an engaging learning environment. Professionals aiming to lead educational initiatives and collaborate with other teaching staff to improve student outcomes.

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About Our Course:

Apprenticeship Standard

he Learning & Skills Teacher (L5) standard aims to provide Apprentices with the expert knowledge and understanding of the Further Education & Skills Sector and prepares you to work in partnership with key staff, partner organisations and other industry professionals.

The Learning & Skills Teacher (L5) focuses on the following key themes and portfolio requirements

Details & Learning:

Apprenticeship Details:

calendar icon  Duration: 18 Months 
coin icon Value: £7000 (5% Employer Contribution = £350)

Learning & Assessments:

  • Plan effective learning activities, encouraging learners to develop autonomy, resilience, personal, interpersonal skills,
    social awareness, respect, essential employability skills
  • Understand the principles of effective programme design & learning
  • Design, deliver learning sessions & activities
  • Facilitate individualised learning
  • Understand principles of individualised learning
  • Quality assure outcomes for learners within education
  • Operate at all times to ethical and legal standards

  • Value diversity, actively promote equality of opportunity & inclusion

  • Be resilient and adaptable when dealing with change,maintaining focus and self-control

  • Promote a passion for learning and high expectations

  • Model exemplary communication skills with learners and professional relationships

  • Be a role model for the effective use of current, digital and mobile technologies in support of teaching and learning

  • Underpin their practice by reference to professional standards

The End Point Assessment (EPA) process, including timings, methods and outcomes are outlined within the Learning & Skills Teacher (L5) delivery model.

The Skills Coach and apprentice discuss all EPA requirements during the quarterly review with the employer every 12-weeks; this ensure all parties are aware and progressing towards these goals.

Once all relevant teaching, learning and assessment activities have been completed, the Sector Specialists and Skills Coach will undertake mock- based activities that will mirror the End-Point Assessment, fully preparing the apprentice for their EPA.

The EPA Organisation will carry out the final independent assessments.

Once EPA arrangement have been confirmed, the Skills Coach will undertake a final Gateway Review with the apprentice and employer to confirm progress through to EPA.

The End-Point Assessment Administrator ensures the apprentice has the correct resources to successfully complete their End Point Assessment.

Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship, participants will be well prepared to take on leadership roles in education, such as Head of Department or Lead Teacher roles. The skills acquired during the apprenticeship will also open opportunities for further professional development and specialisations within the education sector.

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Intent, Implementation, & Impact

For the newly qualified Teaching Assistant, the next logical step is to enhance your knowledge, skills and behaviours while at the same time advancing your career.

The Learning & Skills Teacher (L5) aims to develop the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours so that you can lead the day-to-day teaching practices within an educational setting.

The Learning & Skills Teacher needs to have a sound understanding of pedagogy, regularly engages with robust evidence of effective teaching, learning methods and practice relevant to their subject area.

The Learning & Skills Teacher (L5) apprenticeship offers stretch and challenge in developing the relevant new skills that are truly valued by employers; this apprenticeship is enriched through the additional and complementary features which serve to enhance the overall learning experience, these include:

Skills Coaches

Vastly experienced and highly qualified in early years, the Skills Coach consults with the employer and apprentice to ensure achievement milestones and improvement targets are appropriate to the workplace and accelerate learning. The Skills Coach coordinates the apprentices’ planned off-the-job learning, their attendance at teaching sessions and learning/assessment activities, and preparation for end-point assessment (EPA), offering IAG & practical support.

The apprenticeship is coordinated and sequenced according to individual apprentice and employer needs. The Skills Coach guides the apprentice through their apprenticeship, helping them to embed their newly acquired knowledge, skills & behaviours in their job.

A range of blended e-learning courses for apprentices’ including GDPR in Early Years, E-Safety Safeguarding, Children’s Mental Health, Child Development, Personal & Social Development, Food Allergy Awareness & Nutrition, Introduction to the EYFS, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion.


Functional Skills Tutors

Supports the apprentice in developing their numeracy and literacy skills through a range of resources, and tools. These include BKSB which prepares the apprentice through to the achievement of their functional skills tests in English and maths. The Functional Skills Tutor ensures barriers to learning are overcome, providing support for special educational needs and disabilities.


Of apprentices agree that their functional skill needs are being met


Of employers agree that the training received provides value for money.

Apprenticeship Timeline

Starting with your pre-enrolment application and initial assessment, we move on to your own personal learning plan, tailored to your specific situation. Please download our Early Years Practitioner Level 2 Course Timeline for a full view. 


See What our Students say….

15 July 2023

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Fantastic Support and Encouragement!

My Skills Coach is extremely helpful, always available if I have any questions and easy to get hold of – I know she is at the end of the phone for me unlike some other training providers who are difficult to connect with. She answers queries quickly and thoroughly.

She has a complete and thorough understanding of my course and is able to explain in a way that is very easy for me to follow.
The teaching sessions are of a high standard and teachers, again, are very knowledgeable and approachable.
Highly recommend Eden Training!

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FAQ – Answering your Questions

Embarking on a new educational journey often comes with a myriad of questions. To help you better understand the Learning & Skills Teacher Course offered by Eden Training Solutions, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). These questions aim to address the most common inquiries related to the course’s content, structure, assessment methods, and costs. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding that will assist you in making an informed decision about your educational path.

The Learning & Skills Teacher Course is a Level 5 qualification offered by Eden Training Solutions. This course is designed for individuals who have first achieved competence in a vocational or subject specialism and then subsequently trained as a teacher.

The Learning & Skills Teacher Course covers a wide range of modules. These include planning effective learning activities, understanding the principles of effective programme design and learning, designing and delivering learning sessions and activities, facilitating individualised learning, and understanding the principles of individualised learning.


The ‘Gateway’ is a milestone in the learner journey that marks the end of the on-programme learning. During this meeting, the learner, employer, and Skills Coach will meet and agree that the learner meets the requirements of the standard and is ready for the end point assessment.

The end point assessment is completed by an independent assessor from an EPA Organisation. It consists of a professional discussion informed by a thematic case-study and an online presentation. The thematic case-study is mapped to the relevant knowledge, skills, and behaviours across the assessment themes. The online presentation is a 20-minute presentation demonstrating the learner’s journey towards their mastery of current technologies.

The total cost of the Learning & Skills Teacher Course is £7,000. For non-levy employers, there is a 5% employer contribution, which amounts to £350 + VAT. For levy employers, the cost is divided into two parts: £5,600 (80%) for the programme and £1,400 (20%) for the end point assessment.

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Impact and Benefits:


For the Employer

Choosing Eden as your training provider brings tailored curriculum, skilled coaches, and comprehensive solutions, leading to improved productivity, employee satisfaction, reduced turnover, and higher profit margins.


For the Employee

Eden’s high-quality training, knowledgeable coaches, and industry recognition provide the skills and confidence for increased productivity, career progression, and positive impact in the workplace.

positive impact of apprenticeships with eden training solutions


of apprentices felt their apprenticeship had a positive impact on their career

improved productivity with eden training solutions


managers say that training has improved service quality as well as improving productivity

learners achieve promotions with eden training solutions


of learners have gone on to achieve promotion in their current role

managers would recommend to other managers


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