Eden Training Solutions

Meet the team

Jon O’Boyle

Director of Operations

 Joining Eden Training Solutions in 2018, Jon brought a wealth of experience, skills, and innovation to the already established Executive team.


With a background in work-based learning and leadership skills development, Jon’s career has expanded across several industries including hospitality, sales, education, and transport over the past 30 years. Jon started out in the hospitality trade as an apprentice commis chef in the late 1980s, progressing through the ranks to become one of Yorkshire’s youngest Head Chef at just 24 years of age.

Jon has become one of the apprenticeship program’s biggest advocates and is passionate about helping apprentices and employers to optimise the training and development opportunities available to them. With a proven track record of delivery and success in the apprenticeship arena, Jon has led organisations through Ofsted, Matrix, and financial assurance audits as nominees with strong levels of governance and direction. With prominent levels of operational, and quality management skills, strong ethical values, and leadership skills, Jon now leads senior teams and external partnerships across Eden in Operations, Business Development, Human Resources, and Digital Marketing.

Jon transfers his own infectious enthusiasm and a sense of fun to his team and the wider SMT, leading by example when it comes to high levels of excellence and performance standards. Jon has been described as an empowering and ethical leader”.

Family & Interests

Jon is a proud husband, father, stepfather, and grandfather. In his spare time, he likes to play snooker and golf and attends major sporting events.

“I strongly believe that investing in training is the key to employee personal growth and organisations acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in through challenging economic times.”