Eden Training Solutions

Meet the team

Lorna Newbould

Chief Executive Officer

CEO of Eden Training Solutions; Lorna originally founded the organisation in 2008.


Lorna has gained expert levels of knowledge in government funding over the past 25 years, attaining extensive experience in the work based learning and employability sectors.

Prior to the formation of Eden, Lorna was as National Quality and Training Director for a large organisation, where she was responsible for quality and training across England, Wales and Northern Ireland for fund management. Lorna has been Ofsted inspection nominee on four occasions over the past 15 years and experienced bid writer, working on several large projects worth over £60 million to the UK economy.

Lorna has functioned as partnership chair many times; previously managing a 200 strong training provider consortium to optimise both government and LEP contracts whilst improving quality assurance provision and delivery. Lorna now leads the Executive team, working alongside the Board to achieve the organisations strategic objectives.

As a pragmatic leader of people, Lorna is a very capable and focused individual; she exhumes passion and commitment from the teams she leads. Lorna is highly respected, both internally and externally within the sector, with a reputation for running effective and hardworking teams.

Family & Interests

Lorna lives in Castleford, is mum to grown up children and now a proud grandmother. Lorna has been described as an insightful and thought-provoking leader. She is a Castleford Tigers fan, Springer Spaniel enthusiast, and French wine connoisseur.

“I feel passionate about staff training and development; I’ve always found that investing in talent offers new and dynamic ways of getting the job done, none more so than with apprentices, as employers see their knowledge, skills and behaviours develop.”