Eden Training Solutions: Championing Women’s Rugby and Education

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Empowering the Future: Eden’s Groundbreaking Partnership with Featherstone Rovers Women

Featherstone Rovers Women’s Rugby team has embarked on a pioneering journey with Eden Training Solutions, a leader in early years apprenticeship training in England. This partnership marks a significant milestone, as Eden becomes the first official sponsor of the Women’s U19s team. This collaboration is set to make waves in the world of women’s rugby and education.

Eden on the Rugby Field: A Symbol of Excellence and Growth

Eden Training Solutions’ commitment to excellence and growth is now prominently displayed on the U19s playing shirts and the Women’s Super League kit.

This visibility on the rugby field is a testament to Eden’s dedication to empowering young talent and aligns perfectly with the ethos of the Featherstone Rovers Women, who continuously strive to set new standards in the sport.

Shaping the Workforce with Tailored Apprenticeships

Eden Training Solutions stands out for its innovative approach to apprenticeships. Specializing in early years education, they work intimately with employers to craft training experiences that are not just engaging but also highly impactful, ensuring real value for money. Their commitment to quality education and professional development is evident in their efforts to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

Beyond Traditional Training: Eden’s Unique Approach

Eden goes beyond conventional training models, offering over £700 worth of additional enrichment in their apprenticeship programs. These include fully accredited Paediatric First Aid, SENCO, and Safeguarding training, ensuring a holistic approach to professional development.

A Vision for the Future: Inspiring On and Off the Field

The partnership between Featherstone Rovers Women and Eden Training Solutions is more than just a sponsorship; it’s a shared vision to inspire excellence both on the rugby field and in the broader community. Their combined efforts aim to showcase the power of dedication, education, and collaboration in shaping the futures of individuals and the collective.

From our CEO Lorna Newbould

“I’m incredibly proud of Eden’s recent partnership with Featherstone Rovers Under-19’s Women’s Rugby. My brother (Keith England, AKA “Beefy”) was a Castleford Tigers Prop Forward from 1982-1994 and also represented Great Britain with 11 caps.

ceo lorna

Beefy often received some very fruity comments from the terraces back in the 80’s with well known local rivalry between Rovers and The Tigers. But, times do change and hopefully, all is now forgiven !!!

More recently, my cousin (Paul Shepherd) coached girls/women’s rugby, taking over the u-19’s team at Featherstone Rovers. Following on from my interest in rugby league, it only seemed natural and fitting to support women’s rugby league, helping the sport to grow and the movement to help generate more interest from girls into rugby league from school.

And so, it’s with a pride that Eden are now involved in local women’s sport and in particular, Featherstone Rovers, here’s to a great season ladies”.

Conclusion: A Winning Combination Beyond the Rugby Field

As Featherstone Rovers Women and Eden Training Solutions join forces, they set the stage for a winning combination that transcends the boundaries of the rugby field. Together, they embody a spirit of empowering excellence and inspiring futures, making this partnership a beacon of hope and aspiration in sports and education​​.