Empowering Childcare Professionals: Eden Training Solutions Joins Forces with MCW Nursery Support Services

first aid training

A New Era in Childcare Education: Eden Training Solutions Partners with MCW Nursery Support Services

first aid training

In a groundbreaking move, Eden Training Solutions, a leader in early years apprenticeship training, is thrilled to announce its partnership with MCW Nursery Support Services, a specialist in Early Years health & safety and training. 

This collaboration heralds a new chapter in providing top-tier training and support to childcare professionals.

Marie West, Founder of MCW Nursery Support Services, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to be partnering with Eden to provide First Aid Training for apprentices. I think it’s a good fit as we both have the same strong values and desire for helping people in the childcare industry reach their full potential.” 

Eden’s Director of Operations, Jon O’Boyle, also expressed his excitement at the collaboration:

 “Eden’s partnership with MCW Nursery Support Services will provide an array of benefits to our employers which will support them greatly during times of austerity. 

From access to Paediatric First Aid and H&S training through to support for Ofsted inspection, this new partnership brings two leading organisations together with the joint purpose of support for the early years sector. 

I’m delighted to be working alongside Marie and her team for what I’m sure will be a long and prosperous relationship.”

These sentiments echo the dedication of both organisations to excellence and professional development in the early years sector.

Pioneering Paediatric First Aid Training

A highlight of this partnership is the comprehensive Paediatric First Aid Course, now offered by MCW Nursery Support Services on behalf of Eden. 

This course, blending online learning with practical, hands-on training, covers crucial first aid skills and knowledge, including managing anaphylaxis and responding to a range of emergencies involving infants and children.

 Spanning 12 hours, the course is designed to equip childcare professionals with the competence and confidence to handle first aid situations effectively.

For detailed information on this vital course and others, visit MCW Nursery Support Services for a full list of their offerings.

Beyond First Aid: A Spectrum of Training Opportunities

The partnership also extends to other critical areas of training. MCW Nursery Support Services offers an E-Learning Health & Safety Course on Risk Assessment, vital for understanding and managing workplace risks. 

This online course empowers learners to identify hazards, assess risks, and implement effective control measures, ensuring a safer nursery environment.

Additionally, the Fire Awareness Training addresses a fundamental aspect of nursery safety. This comprehensive e-learning course covers everything from fire prevention and protection to safe evacuation procedures, aligning with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. 

It’s an essential tool for all childcare settings, emphasising the importance of fire safety awareness and compliance.

Millies Mark and Paediatric First Aid Excellence:


Millie’s Mark is a prestigious accreditation awarded to childcare providers in the UK who meet high standards of paediatric first aid training and preparedness. 

Eden Training Solutions offers a comprehensive Paediatric First Aid Certificate course as part of the Early Years Educator Apprenticeship program. Along with MCW Nursery Support, our accredited trainers provide engaging and effective theoretical and practical training to ensure learners can confidently handle real-life medical emergencies, making sure employers are eligible for Millie’s Mark accreditation. 

For more information about Millie’s Mark,, please visit their website at https://www.milliesmark.com/.


This partnership between Eden Training Solutions and MCW Nursery Support Services marks a significant step forward in the quality and scope of training available to childcare professionals. 

By combining their expertise and resources, they are set to enhance the skills and knowledge of those working with our youngest learners, ultimately contributing to a safer and more effective early years environment.

Stay tuned for more updates and course offerings from this dynamic collaboration, which promises to elevate the standards of childcare education and training.