Free Paediatric First Aid Courses for all Apprentices

Facilitating Paediatric First Aid

First Aid saves lives. Are your staff equipped and prepared for emergencies in your nursery or practice?

Nurseries have the responsibility of ensuring that their setting is secure and safe for the children that they look after. Alongside accident prevention what else can be done to avoid injuries and health risks to children? First Aid is the answer.

If the worst happens and a child does have an accident in your nursery, do you have the resources available to make sure they’re safe and looked after whilst medical help arrives?

The requirement for nurseries is to have at least one first aid trained practitioner in the setting. But the ‘Millies Mark‘ foundation, doesn’t believe this is enough, and feels like all staff at a nursery setting should be equipped with the first aid knowledge, and so do we.

Millie's Mark

To help nurseries combat this lack of knowledge within first aid and children, we are offering the ‘Paediatric First Aid course‘ free to all apprentices.

This course is usually valued at £60.00 + VAT.

Equipping all of your practitioners with the knowledge of first aid will allow you to respond to emergencies more quickly.

If you want to register your practitioners on this course, head over to our dedicated page to find out more.