Celebrating Excellence in Safeguarding: Eden Training Solutions’ Gold Standard Achievement

Eden Training Solutions is thrilled to announce a monumental achievement in our ongoing mission to provide the safest learning environments for the early years sector. We have been awarded the prestigious Gold Standard for Leadership in Safeguarding by Leaders in Safeguarding, an accolade that reflects our unwavering commitment to safeguarding practices at the highest level.

Leaders in Safeguarding: Elevating Standards

Leaders in Safeguarding is renowned for its comprehensive approach to ensuring safety in educational and care settings. Established by Dr. Dan Grant, the organisation brings together experts from various sectors to support and scrutinise safeguarding arrangements, offering quality assurance through training, advice, and audits. This recognition from such a respected body underscores the effectiveness and integrity of our safeguarding measures.

How Leaders in Safeguarding Assessed Eden:

To showcase Eden Training Solutions’ dedication to safeguarding, it’s essential to highlight the actual assessment provided by Leaders in Safeguarding. 

Their review offers a profound insight into the strategic approaches and effective measures Eden has implemented to ensure the well-being and success of apprentices. 

This includes specialised curriculum adaptations for younger learners, a focus on overcoming educational and personal challenges, and the strengthening of Eden’s safeguarding culture through dedicated staff roles. The positive outcomes noted by the assessment underline Eden’s commitment to creating a safe, supportive, and enriching learning environment.

What Leaders in Safeguarding Says:

Senior leaders have a very good understanding of how apprentices learn the skills they need to be successful at work and in life generally. In 2022 they recognised that learners aged 16-18 have different needs to their older peers so a strategy was developed to adapt how the curriculum is implemented for this group. 

This involved providing individual support to help learners overcome the many challenges resulting from lost education, lack of self-confidence and under-developed communication skills. As a result of targeting the development, welfare and well-being needs of these learners, retention improved  and the learners flourished.

Plans are underway to monitor, as a discrete group, the progress and performance of learners who receive safeguarding and well-being support so as to ensure they are not disadvantaged by their personal circumstances.

Staff make very good use of partnerships to provide high quality support for learners.

Eden has a strong and positive safeguarding culture. Senior leaders recognised a demand to appoint a safeguarding and welfare officer to provide well-being and learning support for an increasing proportion of learners. This has had a positive outcome for many learners.

The curriculum provides apprentices with opportunities to undertake a range of additional courses, some of which are aimed at helping them remain safe in and out of work.

Our Further Commitment

At Eden Training Solutions, safeguarding is not just a policy; it’s a core value embedded in everything we do. Achieving the Gold Standard award is a testament to our rigorous approach to protecting and promoting the welfare of children and adults at risk. Our practices are designed to reflect statutory responsibilities, government guidance, and best practices in safeguarding, ensuring every individual in our care feels safe and supported.

Looking Ahead: A Safer Future

This award is not just a milestone; it’s a stepping stone toward further enhancing our safeguarding initiatives. With the support and expertise of Leaders in Safeguarding, we will continue to evolve our practices, policies, and training programs. 

Our goal is clear: to lead by example in creating an environment where safety and wellbeing are paramount, and every learner can thrive without fear.

Join us in celebrating this incredible achievement and our ongoing journey towards excellence in safeguarding.


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