Meet the Team

John Hirst

Director of Quality

John Hirst has often been described as ‘someone that you’re definitely better off for knowing.’


John graduated from The University of Leicester with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Geology; his keen eye for detail led him to a career in the education and work-based learning sector where he rapidly progressed through the ranks, establishing himself as an empowering and driven quality assurance manager. John has been described as a “focused and driven leader”.

John has gained a wealth of experience in this field, having led Ofsted inspections as nominee on three occasions, several successful matrix assessments as well as his work in his son’s secondary school on the board of governors. John now leads senior teams and external partnerships across Eden in Quality Assurance, Awarding Organisations, Curriculum design, and Commercial.

John has a very sharp eye for detail and conducts his work under the umbrella of strong values and moral gumption. John inspires his team to excellence and is an incredibly competent and critical friend to members of the senior and executive teams at Eden.

“I strongly believe that investing in training is the key to employee personal growth and organisations acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in through challenging economic times.”