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Early Years Practitioner – L2

Kyle · September 28, 2022

About this course


This entry-level qualification is ideal for someone that is new to working in an early years environment.

The Early Years Practitioner aims to provide learners with the knowledge and understanding of babies and young children from birth to seven years of age with applied knowledge in the early years, 0–5 years.

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What you'll learn

  • How children learn.
  • The importance of children’s holistic development.
  • The stages of babies, and young children’s development.
  • The significance of attachment.
  • The legal requirements for safeguarding the welfare of
  • Safeguarding policies, procedures, and responsibilities.
  • The legal requirements for H&S and security.
  • Risks and hazards in the workplace.


  • Support babies, and young children through a range of
  • Recognise when a child is in danger, at risk of serious harm
    or abuse.
  • Identify risks, and hazards in the work setting and during off-site visits.
  • Demonstrate skills, and understanding of prevention, and control of infection.
  • Use equipment, furniture, and materials safely.
  • Encourage children to be aware of personal safety, the
    safety of others, and develop personal hygiene practices.
  • Care and compassion.
  • Honesty, trust, and integrity.
  • Positive work ethic.
  • Being team-focused.
  • Commitment.
  • Work in a non-discriminatory way.
  • Professional Practice.

More details on this course

The gateway meeting is a milestone in the learner journey as it marks the end of the on-programme learning and the completion of the End Point Assessment Toolkit.

The learner, employer and Coach will meet and agree that the learner meets the requirements of the standard and are ready for the end-point assessment.

The end-point assessment will be completed by an independent end-point assessor from an EPA Organisation.

Professional Discussion
(underpinned by a portfolio of evidence)

  • At least one piece of evidence relating to each piece of knowledge, skill, and behaviour.
  • 2 direct observations within the portfolio, each a minimum of 60 minutes, which have been carried out at the learner’s usual place of work and within the last 3 months of their on-programme learning.

Knowledge Test

  • Multiple choice test with scenarios.
  • 40 questions, 60 minutes in duration.

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I could not recommend Eden Training enough. I've been with Eden Training as an Apprentice coming up to 3 years + through COVID, working towards my qualifications in Level 2 - Diploma for the Early Years Practitioner and Level 3 - Early Years Educator.

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