Learner Complaints and Grievances


We always strive to offer the very best of service to our customers at Eden; however, sometimes, things can occasionally go wrong. This is never intentional, and you do, of course, have the right to express your views and provide feedback to Eden should any of our services fall below expected levels of excellence.



Main Section

Eden Training Solutions (Eden) is committed to acknowledging, supporting, and responding to all issues, concerns and complaints raised by its customers. Eden shall consider its duty to promote equality and diversity throughout this process.



This procedure is the mechanism for customers to raise issues, concerns, or complaints about Eden services.  The aim is to prevent unnecessary delay whilst ensuring a full and fair assessment of the circumstances of an individual complaint.

A formal complaints procedure should be a last resort in the search for a solution to a problem. Before using the Complaints Procedure, the customer should raise the issue with the staff member concerned or another relevant staff member, such as the Skills Coach or Operations Manager, and attempt to resolve informally. 

The following procedure applies to any of our external stakeholders. These can be applicants, learners, employers, and parents/guardians.

Policy Aim

Eden aims to action and resolve complaints promptly, objectively, and efficiently.

We aim to:

  • provide both parties with the opportunity to provide evidence to substantiate their version of the issue/incident
  • provide full disclosure of any allegations or evidence to both parties
  • keep information supplied by customers confidential for use within the complaints process
  • only provide facts of the case to anyone involved with the complaint / investigation / resolution
  • learn from every issue, concern, or complaint
  • monitor the registration of each complaint and the progress towards reaching a satisfactory resolution
  • monitor complaints to ensure that they are dealt with promptly, objectively, and efficiently
  • not reveal the identification of any complainant, anonymous complaints will not be accepted
  • provide a written response within 10 working days
  • advise parties on their right to be accompanied and represented by a person of their choice at every relevant stage of the procedure
  • provide advice and guidance from internal / external sources to the Investigating Officer

Complaints Process

Stage 1 Informal

Wherever possible the complaint should initially be raised with the staff member concerned or another relevant staff member, such as the Skills Coach or Operations Manager. If the complaint does not specifically relate to an individual, the complaint should be raised to the relevant head of department. Please email enquiries@eden-ts.com and your complaint will be passed to the appropriate person.

All complaints should be raised within 10 working days of the alleged incident, matter, or concern. To support any complaint the stakeholder should provide supportive evidence. Where supportive evidence is not provided, Eden reserves the right not to progress with the complaint to the formal stage of the procedure.

All communications relating to a complaint should be submitted in writing, if reasonably practicable.

Where a matter is not resolved within 10 working days of the informal discussions the complaint may progress to the formal stage.

Escalate the complaint straight to Stage 2 where it relates to any of the following:

  • Safeguarding
  • Health & Safety
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Prevent Duty
  • Radicalisation


Stage 2 Formal

Complaints can only be escalated to Stage 2 if they cannot be resolved at Stage 1.

  • Formal complaints should be raised in writing to enquiries@eden-ts.com and include your name, and the names of anyone else involved, contact information, facts supporting the complaint and the reasons for progressing to Stage 2;
  • Where a complaint is raised verbally, this must be followed with a written account;
  • Where the complaint is relating to a learner or employer, the Skills Coach will be informed;
  • Where the complaint is relating to an Eden member of staff, their Line Manager will be informed;
  • Where the complaint is relating to a Safeguarding Concern, the Designated Safeguarding Officer will be informed;
  • Formal acknowledgement of the complaint will be sent within 10 working days of receipt;
  • The staff member dealing with the complaint (Investigating Officer) will conduct an investigation to gather relevant supporting facts;
  • Acting as an independent body, the Investigating Officer will interview all parties relevant to the complaint;
  • Once supporting evidence has been collected and reviewed, the Investigating Officer will present the necessary recommendations to the Directors;
  • The complainant will be notified in writing of the decision and any next steps;

If the complaint is upheld, the case will then be referred to Eden’s Chief Executive Officer, for possible action under the company’s disciplinary procedures. It will be determined if there is a case against the staff member and where appropriate recommend that the case should proceed to a disciplinary hearing. The Line Manager will present the case to the disciplinary hearing. The Customer Complaints Procedure does not form any part of the disciplinary procedure. If the complaint is upheld it is the decision of the Director involved to determine the appropriate action.

Customers shall note that the decision whether to initiate disciplinary action against a member of Eden staff is a management decision and does not impact upon the outcome of the complaint. The outcome of any disciplinary action will remain confidential and is an Eden management decision.

If disciplinary action is taken, the complainant may be required to attend a formal disciplinary hearing in the capacity of a witness to substantiate allegations.



If a complainant feels that the procedures have not been followed or a decision is unreasonable, they have the right to appeal to Eden’s Chief Executive Officer within 21 days of the announcement of the decision.

The grounds for the appeal should be clearly stated and evidenced in writing along with supporting evidence.

The appeal will not consider new evidence, including witnesses, at this stage. If new evidence, including witnesses have come to light, which was not available at the first hearing, then the first hearing/investigation will be reconvened for the original “Investigating Officer” to consider the implications and effects of the new evidence.

The documentation will be submitted, to Eden’s Chief Executive Officer who will decide if the appeal can be considered on the evidence submitted or a hearing is required.

Where an appeal hearing is deemed appropriate, it should normally be held within 21 days of the request being made. Notes, not verbatim minutes, of the hearing will be taken and made available to the complainant.

Eden’s Chief Executive Officer’s decision will be final.