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The Education & Training sector can be divided into a variety
of areas.

Some common areas include:

• School Education
• Further Education (FE) or Higher Education (HE)
• Coaches
• Instructing
• Training Officers
• School Business Management

Education also takes place in non-school or Academic settings, such as hospitals and prisons. Teaching is the main area of work, however, there are also teaching-related roles in the sector such as teaching assistants in schools and educational psychologists, as well as positions in areas such as policy making, administration and technical support.

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The primary and secondary education systems in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are similar in their administration. Scotland has a completely separate system, with its own rules and practices.

There is a fairly constant demand for teachers, although there may be shortages in certain subject areas, such as science and mathematics, and the availability of posts varies between the regions/nations of the UK. There is currently more competition for positions in primary schools than in secondary education setting.

Outside of the education sector there are posts within sports coaching, vocational instructors, training officers within commercial organisations, health education and driving, to name but a few.

Eden Schools Courses

Teaching Assistant Level 3

Impact and Benefits:


For the Employer

Choosing Eden as your training provider brings tailored curriculum, skilled coaches, and comprehensive solutions, leading to improved productivity, employee satisfaction, reduced turnover, and higher profit margins.


For the Employee

Eden’s high-quality training, knowledgeable coaches, and industry recognition provide the skills and confidence for increased productivity, career progression, and positive impact in the workplace.

positive impact of apprenticeships with eden training solutions


of apprentices felt their apprenticeship had a positive impact on their career

improved productivity with eden training solutions


managers say that training has improved service quality as well as improving productivity

learners achieve promotions with eden training solutions


of learners have gone on to achieve promotion in their current role

managers would recommend to other managers


managers would recommend training and development to other managers

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