The Child’s Developing Mind

Uncover the inner workings of conscious and subconscious minds in young children, exploring their developmental journey and its profound implications on learning and growth. Enroll today to expand your expertise in early years education.

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childs developing mind course

Introduction to the Course:

Welcome to Eden Training Solutions, the leading specialist in Early Years training. We are excited to introduce our groundbreaking qualification, ‘The Child’s Developing Mind,’ designed to empower Early Years practitioners with a deep understanding of the functions of a child’s subconscious mind and how it influences their behaviours.

Our comprehensive ‘Child’s Developing Mind’ course, developed in collaboration with an extremely accomplished clinical hypnotherapist who provides a fascinating insight into the intricate process of brain development in young people. We explore the crucial role of positive programming and its impact on a child’s learning experience, self-esteem, and overall safety.

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childs developing mind course

About Our Course:

As a responsible caregiver or practitioner responsible for children up to eight years old, gaining essential knowledge about the conscious and subconscious minds’ main functions is vital.

Our level one course is designed specifically for practitioners, while our level two course caters to team leaders, equipping them with the skills and insights to provide a safe and supportive environment for young minds to thrive.

Throughout the modules, you will delve into the profound effects of positive and negative programming on a child’s future, both physically and psychologically.

We also explore the limitations young children face and how these can compromise their safety.

Our qualification emphasises the importance of adopting a multi-sensory approach to learning and understanding the processes of memory.

childs developing mind course

What you’ll learn

To provide students

  • With a basic understanding of the functions of the conscious and subconscious minds, as they apply to young children.
  • With an understanding of negative programming and how that can affect children later in life.
  • With opportunities to develop resources/tools to support child safety in the road environment.

Conscious mind

  • Estimated that the conscious mind represents around 10-15% of the mind.
  • Controlled by the left side of the brain.
  • Applies Logic.
  • Always analyses and criticises.
  • Manages short-term memories.
  • Its language is verbal.
  • Has a sense of humour.
  • It acts as a guard to the subconscious!
  • Estimated that the subconscious represents around 80-85% of the mind
  • Controlled by the right side of the brain
  • Cannot analyse or criticise
  • Takes every piece of information literally
  • Cannot distinguish between pretend and real
  • Has no sense of humour
  • Its language is imagination (visual/Creativity)
  • Its main function is to protect the owner
  • It runs all programs that it considers protective (life support)
  • Never forgets
  • Lives in the now with no sense of time

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childs developing mind course


our renowned clinical hypnotherapist and former executive at Road Safety GB, brings his expertise to this course. With his qualifications from the General Hypnotherapy Register and recognition by the NHS, he has developed a powerful curriculum that enables childcare providers to positively shape young minds and instil safe practices across various environments, including road-traffic situations.

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration with parents and carers to maximise a child’s learning, development, and safety. Therefore, our qualification also emphasises the importance of engaging with parents and carers, helping them grasp the concept of positive programming and promoting a united front in supporting children.

At Eden Training Solutions, we are proud to offer this remarkable qualification, which has the potential to transform the face of child care. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to make a lasting impact on the lives of young children.

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