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World Mental health Day, 2023.

world mental health day

World Mental Health Day was celebrated on Tuesday 10th October 2023. It’s a global event that aims to raise more awareness about mental health conditions.

This year’s theme was set by the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) and states: “Mental health is a universal human right”. It’s about recognising the importance it plays in all our lives and making a positive difference for everyone’s mental health.

World Mental Health Day aims to encourage governments around the world to support mental health and wellbeing and empower people to help make positive changes. 

When people talk about mental health, they’re talking about how people think and feel, and how they’re coping with things that happen in their life.

It’s completely normal to feel sad, worried, or angry no and again, but when those feelings won’t go away and they start to affect day-to-day life, that is when it may be time to seek help.

world mental health day

There are a range of handy tips you can try out if there are times when you’re not feeling too great:

  • Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep;
  • Spend time outdoors in the fresh air;
  • Plan something to look forward to such as, baking a tasty treat, taking part in a sport you love, listening to your favourite music or reading a good book. 

Children and young people’s mental health has never been more important, particularly following the coronavirus pandemic.

After almost two years of school disruption during lockdown, children have been getting used to returning to their classrooms and resuming normal life. 

Research carried out by Place2Be has found that 95% of staff working in UK schools have witnessed increased levels of pupil anxiety since children returned to the classrooms. 

In a survey of 1,130 school leaders, it was found that 86% of teaching staff had noticed an increase in low self-esteem among pupils since returning to the classroom following lockdown.

5 children’s mental health facts:

  • 1 in 5 children suffer from a mental health illness; 
  • 80% of chronic mental health disorders begin in childhood;
  • Anxiety disorders can contribute to children 2x likely to drop out or fail; 
  • Mental health problems in children aged 6 – 17 continue to rise. 

It’s important to show young people that they’re not alone when it comes to their mental health.

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